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  • When I’m down I look up to you. When I’m happy it’s because of you. A day doesn’t go by when I don’t think of you. Because I don’t know what my life would be like, Without a friend like you.
  • Friends like you don’t come around often. They’re pretty hard to find. I would do anything to keep you close to me. Because you are so sweet, loving and kind.
  • Mehak dosti ki ishq say kam nahin hoti ,Ishq pe zindagi khatam nahi hoti, Sath agar ho zindagi mein aachay dostoon ka, Tu zindagi jannat say kam nahin hoti.
  • Hum”raat k “Sitaray”hain, “Tanhaiyon”k maray hain, “Tum”hum ko “Thokra”do Beshak magar “Hum”phir bhi “dost”tumhare hain
  • Bohat Dino Se Main Bhoola Huwa Tha Doston Ko Faraz, Aaj Film “Kameeny” Dekhi To Sb Yaad Aa Gaey~ <<>>
  • What did I ever do, To deserve a friend like you? I’m glad I did whatever I did, Because my wish to have a friend as amazing as you, Has come true!
  • ”HUM DØ$T” “HEIN” Kabhi neend na aaey to ham se bat kr lena “K HUM DOST HEIN” Kabhi bhi kuch bhi kehna ho to bila jhijhak kehna “K HUM DOST HEIN” Agar kabhi kuch dena chaho to humein apne gham dena “K HUM DOST HEIN” Agar jo na kehna chaho to kabhi alvida na kehna, “K HUM DOST HAIN”
  • Firdous jannat men laakh hooron ka taswwur sahi, Men Ik shakhs k ishq sy niklu to wahan tak sochu.
  • Mohabbat karnay walay kam na hn gy, Teri mehfil men lekin hum ne hn gy.
  • You are like a drop of water bringing life, To my dried up lonely desert. Beautiful gradients of colors dark and light, Sunlight mixed with soft rainy weather. I admire you, I wish you happiness with no end. I want to be close to you and always be your friend.
  • I know I am blessed and lucky, Because I have you by my side. Life is difficult and tricky, But you give me strength and light. You give me hope, you help me live with delight, With you I can do anything and win every fight.
  • When you walk, the flowers give you smiles. When you talk, the whole world wants to hear you. When I am with you, I feel amazing and time flies. You are my best friend and I will always need you.

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