If in Exam U Have 1 Of Question About Me
Then How Will U Define Me In Some Words?????
Ur Answer Should Be Based On Truth,
Reply Me Now

My nights are going sleepless,
my days are going useless.
SoI asked GOD, “is this love?”.
GOD replied, “no dear, the result is near”.

100s of years have passed
millions of tomorrows have come
but still hope is alive in all students
Tomorrow i will definitely start studying

Samunder bhar syllabus hain,
Nadi bhar padh pate hain,
Balti bhar yaad reheta hain,
Mug bhar likh pate hain,
Chullu bhar number aate hain,
Aur usimein doob kar mar jaate hain

Ye Soch k Hum ne Exam k Dinon Mai larkey Phansai FARAZ,
Har Kamyabi k Peeche Aurat ka Haath Hota Hai. 🙂

The most unfulfilled desire
Of all science students is
A bomb should have
Fallen instead of
An apple on newton!

If U pass in exams:

Mom’s words:
Bahut khushi ki
bat hai !

Dad :
Mere beta sher
hai !

Lover :
So sweet..

Frnds :
Dhokebaaz, kaminey,
oye ! kab pada be tune
itna ?

The shortest relation
in life is between
Student & Books.
They get committed couple
of Days before the exam.
After exam..
Break Up…….

Guzray howey Exams ko Yaad na karna..!!
Answer sheet main jo likha hai uski Faryad na krna,
Jo Hoga wo to Hoga..!!
Uski Fikar main Apney Holidays barBaad Na Karna 🙂

Don’t worry; you’ll learn it all,
Don’t fear; don’t let your spirit fall,
Believe in yourself, and in what you know,
And tomorrow on your exams your knowledge will show.
Wish you Best of Luck for your exam!