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  • ,__/ /_0__ _(@)_____(@) Peep…. peep Peeep , pepepe! Sorry! The SMS was in Traffic Jam… However I m Not to late to Wish You. . . Happy Birthday
  • May your heart be happy and warm May you have success and delight May you be unbreakable and strong May you always win in every fight. You can learn how to fly, even if it takes a while, Happy birthday to you and always wear your smile!
  • May you always have dreams, May love is what your heart will feel, May you never have worries and fears, Happy birthday to the best person on earth, Today is a great day because of your birth!
  • I wish a wish 4 u , the wish i wish 4 few , the wish i wish 4 u is that , ur all wishes come true , so keep on wishing as all my wishes are with u . Happy birthday
  • Dua hai ke zindagi ke har kamyabi pe apka naam ho Apke har kadam par dunia ka salaam ho Himat se mushkilon ka saamna karna Takey waqt bhi apka gulaam ho Dear Friend ‘HAPPY BIRTHDAY’
  • As we observe your birthday now, Your cake and gifts don’t matter much. These common things aren’t really you, Ribbons, paper hats and such. We celebrate a person who Brings happiness to everyone, Someone who gives more than she gets, And fills our lives with joy and fun. So Happy Birthday, and many more! We hope you make it to a hundred and two, Because we cannot even dream What life would be like without you.
  • iiiiiii |^^^^^| |^^^^^^^| [***********] =============== I am sending you a cake and candles on it, just for your birthday Have a Wonderful Birthday Happy Birthday
  • 50th Birthday Messages The years between fifty and seventy are the hardest. You are always being asked to do things, and yet you are not decrepit enough to turn them down.
  • 18th Birthday Messages I cried on my 18th birthday. I thought 17 was such a nice age. You’re young enough to get away with things, but you’re old enough too.
  • Aaj SmS Ka Birthday hai,, Apny inbox ka sub se khobsorat SMS bejo,, Ye sms her tarf send kro or dekho k kis k inbox se khobsoratn sms aata hai,,,, replyt zaror karna…. I am sending you a beautiful Birthday card to you
  • *H* *A* |*A*| /*P*/ /*Y*/ *B* *I* *R* |*T*| |*H*| /*D*/ /*A*/ /*Y*/ For you wish of mine You Always Shine Be all joys in your line Live safe and fine All good jobs you join HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you
  • ******/**/***/******* ******/**/***/******* ******||**||**||******* ******||**||**||******* ******(————–)******* *****(—–Happy—–)***** ****(—–Birth-day—-)***** ***(_______________)**** I am sending you this LOVELY BIRTHDAY CAKE with CANDLES,

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